Our mission

Our mission is to supply directly from our supply chain, to you. This ensures our products arrive with the utmost freshness; we strive only for the best. We have an enormous amount of respect for our suppliers, which in-turn has created solid and long-term partnerships; we endevour to continue this partnership all the way to you, our customers.

Processing 3000 tonnes of fish per year, 3 full trucks per week, and 10,000 tonnes of raw material from fishing vessels per year, our dedicated hard work has paid off with a 20% increase each year. Our approach is honest and in safe-hands; we have the know-how backed by years in the business, working with some of Europe's largest companies. We have a transparent relationship with our suppliers meaning that we know our fishing is not having a negative impact on the environment; we are responsible.

Ecofish promote strict Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) guidelines, making sure our suppliers use watertight techniques to responsibly manage-by-catch. Our wild fish, farmed fish, and shellfish across Europe means we can reassure you that your seasonal species will always be in stock throughout the year.

We look forward to working with you, creating even more honest partnerships across the globe, boasting the best and freshest fish the sea has to offer.

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